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How to reduce our bill by 40%

For all of you who are Directors of Schools, Rectors of Universities or responsible for training centers, do as we did by adopting YoupiLab SEB. It is a fairly simple and very effective system.

We have often found that the students, the learners after school hours, leave the brewers; air conditioners and lights on until late hours. And it’s up to the Directors, or Security Guards, to go from room to room to turn off this equipment. This has the direct consequence of the increase in the consumption of electrical energy. To simplify this problem and reduce our electricity bills by 40%, the simplest solution is to just adopt YoupiLab SEB. Since we discovered this system in our school, we manage our consumption better. Its mode of operation is quite simple. It is a system that allows you to program from your smartphone the switching on and off of all the electrical equipment of all the classrooms according to the course schedule of the learners and also according to the number of classrooms. Thanks to this system you can plan the learners’ timetable. For example if the learners have lessons in a room from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., you can program the lamps, the brewers in this room and as soon as the lessons are over, these devices turn off by themselves. It allows the administration not to worry anymore at the end of the learners’ lessons and to worry more at the end of each for the payment of the electric energy bill.

To therefore considerably reduce your electricity consumption by 40%, we strongly recommend YoupiLab SEB. We tried it in our school and ended up adopting it.