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YoupiLab SEB for the elderly or people with reduced mobility

Today, home automation provides solutions to perform all of the daily procedures and enables home support to be promoted. Our electricians have a role to play in offering their customers solutions adapted to their needs, according to their personal situations.

Facilitate motor skills and secure movement

Thanks to home automation (SEB-XX) and in particular to the automatic lighting and remote control functions, the elderly with disabilities can maintain a certain autonomy.

Seniors and people with disabilities are particularly at risk of domestic accidents. Falls are at the top of accidents. They are the leading cause of death for elderly people at home.

Automatically lighting a hallway, entering a bathroom, a step or a staircase etc, helps to secure movement.

Sometimes the more severe handicap leaves the person only the use of a few fingers, the movement of the head, the breath to act. That’s when the MAGIC of the Android app YoupiLab SEB-xx comes into play.

The YoupiLab SEB-xx Android application

It is an Android Application (remote control) specially adapted for almost everyone including people with reduced mobility. A scrolling movement or a press will suffice, as the case may be, to activate the lighting, opening a door, adjusting the temperature, etc.

Several of our solutions can meet the needs of people with reduced mobility. Visit our catalog to find the right solution for your situation.