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This Arduino starter kit for beginners as pro, contains all the hardware necessary for the realization of several small electronic projects. This Arduino kit is ideal for discovering Arduino technology and learning electronics.

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Long Description

The Arduino Starter Kit is a kit of components to discover the universe of Arduino. There are simple elements to realize a multitude of editing.

The kit includes:

1 Arduino card UNO R3
1 arduino UNO R3 USB cable
1 16x2 LCD display
1 Bluetooth module HC-05
1 TMP36 temperature sensor (or LM35DZ)
1 Motion Detector (PIR motion sensor)
1 Flame sensor
1 Ultrasonic sensor
4 Photo Resistors
10 bright red LEDs
10 bright green LEDs
10 bright yellow LEDs
10 bright blue LEDs
10 Resistors of 1K Ohm
10 Ohm Resistors
10 Resistors of 220 Ohms
1 Piezo buzzer
1 5V relay
2 Straightening Diode 1N4007
1 female pin connector
1 male pin connector
1 Protoboard
1 10K potentiometer
1 LM7805 Voltage Regulator (or LM317 Voltage Regulator)
1 Remote Control (or Membrane 4x4 Matrix Keypad)
20 Jumper wires

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